The longing and desire to be more professional, provide better service and be more competitive, has motivated us to create the MLS Teulada-Moraira Real Estate Association.

We are four founding agencies, some with more than 20 years of experience in the local real estate market.

We trust that more agencies will join us in a short time and that we have the same idea and the same desire to work in the way we want to promote this Association.

Our goal is to achieve collaborations with more transparency, with more fellowship /or camaraderie and more ethics. And of course, the ultimate goal is to achieve self-regulation at a municipal and regional level, without which our trade will never have the respect and recognition it deserves.

Before explaining why MLS, we have to explain what  is an MLS

It comes from English and means: Multiple Listing Service

It is a method of orderly and cooperative work, in which information on properties that have been captured as a shared exclusive is shared.

This procedure is carried out under a strict code of ethics and with work procedures based on guarantee, transparency, and effectiveness.

The Seller receives at all times personalized attention from his/her real estate agent, who undertakes to share this property with all professionals attached to the real estate association, which exponentially multiplies the possibility of success.

The buyer can access, from the same office or website, common stock of shared exclusive properties of all partner agencies in a quick, convenient and easy way.

In short, the MLS Teulada-Moraira Real Estate Association (MLS: 03724), represents the guarantee of the best possible service at the time of sale, purchase or rental in the area of ​​action.

Besides, with the implementation of the MLS system, we want to be pioneers in Moraira-Teulada to offer our clients sellers the best and latest real estate marketing tools and professional services that we have within our reach. Only with our joint knowledge can we assure the seller a quick and trouble-free sale.

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